Our story


LNG New Technologies was founded in 2011 to develop and commercialize new technologies within the LNG sector. Our team has extensive experience from the shipping and offshore industry, and complementing competences within seaborne transportation of liquefied gases. Thus, our technologies are based on decades of experience from the industry sector.

The company is a shareholder in growth companies with complementing offerings and synergies, all with unique and patent protected technologies. We have a strong sponsor with a long-term investment horizon and access to project finance. The company is well positioned to take part in the emerging small and mid-scale LNG markets.

LNG New Technologies has offices in Singapore, Shanghai (China) and Norway.


Global energy consumption is going to increase, and a large part of this is expected to be natural gas, which is the cleanest fossil fuel that exists. The demand is driven by several factors, among them available resources, price and environmental aspects. The natural gas reserves are, however, often located far away from the consumers, and for efficient transportation, the natural gas is liquefied. Thus, LNG is taking up an increasing share of the natural gas markets.

The Nordic  maritime industry has a powerful technology basis, built on  long and innovative maritime traditions. Today, the Nordic countries still have a leading position in maritime technologies and R&D.

LNG New Technologies is owned by the founding partners and Landmark Capital Pte. Ltd. The company has strategic ownership in MGI Thermo and Connect LNG, companies that develop technologies closely connected to ours and creating mutual synergies.

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