Nordic innovation - built in Asia

The Nordic  maritime industry has a powerful technology basis, built on  long and innovative maritime traditions. Today, the Nordic countries still have a leading position in maritime technologies and R&D.

Nordic innovation jonThe Viking-dragon connection: The nordic countries have more than a millennia's worth of experience in building innovative ships. We have combined that with our knowledge of Asian shipbuilding.When it comes to the construction of cargo ships, the Asian countries South Korea, Japan and China are the leading nations today. Japan has been a major shipbuilding nation since the 1960s and South Korea made shipbuilding a strategic industry during the 1970s, while China has had a tremendous growth both in shipbuilding and in general during the last couple of decades. Today China is a maritime powerhouse driving both global trade and shipping markets as well as a major player within shipping, shipbuilding and ship finance.

LNG New Technologies are built on the heritage of Nordic maritime industry coupled with modern Asian shipbuilding capabilities, with the objective to develop innovative and efficient solutions for the gas shipping industry.

Unique background

The team behind LNG New Technologies is a multinational group of professionals with broad and complementing experience from the shipping and offshore industry. We have been involved in all aspects of shipping and shipbuilding, including design and engineering, classification and supervision, shipbuilding, ship owning and ship operations.

The team has a core expertise  within gas carriers, including LPG, ethylene/ethane and LNG, from the smallest sizes up to the large scale LNG carriers, and from fully pressurized, semi-refrigerated to fully refrigerated. Based on this experience and knowledge, as well as the development of the LNG markets, we are striving to develop tomorrow solutions to improve technological momentum and enhance efficient distribution of LNG.


The company seeks to be at the frontier in creating new solutions, and the company culture and working environment should therefore underpin this objective. As a technology development and engineering company, the main resources in LNG New Technologies are human resources. Hence, the company culture should facilitate a creative, efficient and positive working environment. The company has established the following core values:

Innovation - Create improved solutions which are more efficient and environmentally friendly than today's solutions, always strive to be better. Create solutions and services which will have long-term value for our customers, the industry as a whole, and the global community.

Collaboration - Collaboration with partners with complementary competence to create the most innovative and creative high-tech solutions, including renowned R&D institutes as well as carefully chosen industry partners. Collaboration should be carried out with respect for different cultural backgrounds, values and experience.

Integrity - Professional in every aspect, detail oriented, thorough and honest. Always deliver quality in a timely manner. Focus on core competence. Use the company's diverse knowledge and experience to make well-founded decisions.

Passion - A fun and positive work environment with employees which are passionate and enthusiastic regarding the creation and commercialization of new solutions. At LNT, we support and encourage each other.