TechnologyThe idea behind the LNT A-BOX® was to develop and commercialize a simple and efficient cargo containment system that could enable more shipyards to build LNG carriers.

The LNT A-BOX® containment system offers a self-supporting prismatic shaped IMO type A tank, placed in an insulated cargo hold. The design is based on decades of experience from LPG and LNG carriers, and proven design principles and technologies, but in a new configuration to fulfill the highest standards available.

LNT A-BOX® offers:

  • Robust and self-supporting tank – sloshing mitigated
  • Insulation with optimal thermal properties
  • Full visual condition monitoring of all barriers
  • Excellent volume utilization and flexible hull design

Self-supporting prismatic tanks is a proven and reliable technology - it has been successfully used for more than 50 years in the seaborne transportation of liquefied gas. By adopting a prismatic shape in the sectional configuration, the cargo tanks fit neatly into the hold spaces. This ensures an almost entirely closed flat upper deck area, which makes low wind resistance and excellent visibility from the bridge possible.

LNG carriers are among the most sophisticated and expensive merchant ships built and the construction has traditionally been limited to a few shipyards. With the current market conditions, and especially with regards to the development of small and mid-scale solutions for the emerging markets, cost-effective solutions are needed to make the projects feasible.

Our solutions have been extensively tested through the technology and product development. The advanced structural analysis combined with experimental tests have resulted in major improvements and also approvals from major classifications societies.  R&D is never completed and we will always continue to develop and improve our solutions.